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  • (Quote from Cassius) I would see hold here in your sense of keep, something that "holds you up" or "supports you." I don't see hold on this sense as having a negative restraint on you. Consider engage and "hold your attention."
  • When it comes to word choices, I highly recommend returning to the Latin text available at the Perseus Digital Library…eus%3atext%3a1999.02.0130 This allows you line by line access plus you can click a word and get taken directly to authoritative dictionaries.
  • The key phrase here seems to be: retinebit blanda voluptas; Retinebit is the verb translated as keep, etc, in the translations. Here are its connotations:…ok=5:card=146&i=1#lexicon o hold in check, keep within bounds, to restrain, check Voluptas is simply they Latin for pleasure, ηδονή hēdonē. What kind of pleasure?…ok=5:card=146&i=1#lexicon Blanda: Flattering, pleasant, agreeable, enticing, alluring, charming, seductive So, as long a…