Eternality / Implications of the Doctrine that the Universe As A Whole Has Existed Eternally

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Welcome to the EpicureanFriends Lexicon / Wiki / Collaboration Page. Why does it have three titles? Because it does three major things for us:

  1. It provides a "Lexicon" feature whereby we can create entries for words and display their definitions in our Epicurean context. By use of this feature whenever you type a Principle Doctrine or a Vatican Saying number anywhere on the site (for example PD01, PD21, VS01, VS53) you'll see that those turn into hyperlinks through which you can read about them further.
  2. It provides a "Wiki" feature whereby we can set up pages such as https://www.epicureanfriends.c…ry-citations-in-canonics/ at which we can have a mini - wiki within the site (rather than outside) to which we can refer regularly.
  3. It provides a "Collaboration" feature through which we can set up special purpose pages, such as this one, https://www.epicureanfriends.c…cureanfriends-to-do-list/ , where we can designate a special user group or number of users to collaborate and prepare unique documents.

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