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  • I remember this project. Nate is a creative guy.
  • Maybe it's explained somewhere, but what is Plotinus holding in his hands?
  • Oh absolutely! I'd be happy to help. And yes I am fully away from FB. As easy and covienient a platform it is, it's just better being here than there. I would say that it might be wise to change the dinosaur to an animal that is similar to humans. Maybe an Orangutan, Bonobo, Chimp etc. or perhaps an animal such as a dolphin that we know is extremely intelligent.
  • Or even consider using an image of early man Cro Magnon or another homonid. It would serve two purposes, one to help a person identify with a similar being and two to serve as a Visual representation of evolution. Early man making a choice to either go to the idealist philosophers or to the materialist ones. Just a thought.