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  • Those four answers show precisely what kind of muddled thinker Rand really was. 1. Identifying metaphysics as objective reality just punts the question. What "is" objective reality? What is it made of? 2. Reason can build on epistemology, but it does not stand in for it. Epistemology must answer to something more "prime"; as sensation (for an empiricist), revelation (as in theology), a priori knowledge, feelings, anticipations, etc. Reason operates on knowledge--it is not a foundation of knowle…
  • Martin has posited that democracy is a political system consistent with Epicurean philosophy. I agree, and have argued here before that convention implies legitimate power ONLY over those who agree to convention. I.E. excluding slavery, totalitarianism, theocracy, etc. The reason I don't give that answer myself for number 4 is simply because the textual tradition isn't strong enough to justify it. For my own part, I agree with you!
  • (Quote)I think that hedonism has a sufficiently clipped and precise definition, particularly under the heading of ethics. However, I also understand that many are apt to confuse the word with sybaritism, and libertinism. But it will always be the case that the real confusion is over the word pleasure itself. No getting around that, I'm afraid.