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  • I guess you may both know the snarky response poem, The Dover Bitch-- it's one of my favorites! I think it at least grazes the edge of an Epicurean response. In high school, I remember thinking "Geez, man, why so gloomy?! Things can't possibly be that awful!" There was a short period in my adult life when it resonated with me, but fortunately I got over that.
  • What I meant to say above is that rather than a balm, a little humor as in the Dover Bitch response might be in order, and it can be used educationally too.
  • Another thing I would say-- it's true for me that relationships, friendships, are what keep the universe from feeling "cold" and mechanical. Rationality as a primary approach does have a cold feel, and feeling has warmth. So subtract out the melodrama and negativity, and there's a chunk of gold in there. Life is nothing worth having without feeling-- without pleasure-- and indeed, let us be friends to one another!