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  • Thank you for the welcome. I have arrived here after listening to a couple of your podcast episodes which I appreciated - I liked the group dynamic and also found them an enjoyable way to read On the Nature of Things, which is a book that I have been trying to read for a while. I have been interested in Epicurean philosophy since I studied a short course on Hellenistic philosophy, but admit to having had the flighty approach of the dillitante. However, I now wish to seriously look at Epicurean p…
  • I started the podcast very recently i.e. yesterday and I am working my way through from the beginning. Personally, I enjoy a number of different podcasts produced by people operating outside the normal media organisations so I am used to these podcasts' quality improving over time as the producers gain experience. Basically, I really appreciate the fact that these people are willing to share their insights and expertise with strangers.
  • Thank you, Martin.