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  • Welcome Paquin! This is the place for students of Epicurus to coordinate their studies and work together to promote the philosophy of Epicurus. Please remember that all posting here is subject to our Community Standards / Rules of the Forum our Not Neo-Epicurean, But Epicurean and our Posting Policy statements and associated posts. Please understand that the leaders of this forum are well aware that many fans of Epicurus may have sincerely-held views of what Epicurus taught that are incompatible…
  • Thank you for letting us know that you found the site via podcast! Did you start at the beginning or recently? I hope to go back and reorganize them, and improve the presentation, over time, but I wanted us to make it through the whole book first without getting too sidetracked on the cosmetics. At any rate thank you for joining us, and we look forward to hearing from you!