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  • Thanks for setting this up Brett. This thread may start slow but over time it will be the prototype we refer back to for future discussion groups of the DeWitt book - which I think is by far the most important book we could possibly be going through.
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  • Eric and others - I posted in the Facebook group that maybe we ought to set these meetings for a Saturday or Sunday to avoid peoples' work schedules, and to still allow Ilkka and Elli and any others in Europe to attend. Can I presume that both Saturday or Sunday is equally acceptable (at 5pm eastern) or is one better than the other?
  • Thanks Eric - I think from here on weekends are likely to be best for everyone.
  • Thank you Julie! And there is nothing more important than the health of our dogs so that is completely understandable. What kind do you have?
  • Yes I have a big 130 pound Great Pyrenees Maybe it won't be too off-topic to post this, and I will link it to my preferred understanding of the ultimate Epicurean: Physically and mentally strong enough to defeat all actual or potential enemies, worries about nothing, takes orders from no one, does exactly what he wants to do, and absolutely kind and gentle toward his friends! beargood2.jpg
  • Let's hunt for an upcoming Saturday then to do the next one. Presumably that means the 17th or the 24th, with one or both of those also being needed to do a "20th" meeting.
  • 24th is better for me too, so let's target that. Thoughts on the 20th? Absent reasons otherwise I am somewhat inclined to do 20ths on the 20th :-). Maybe we now to reality and to hopes for the future by making it a more realistic time for everyone involved. Perhaps we do it on a rolling basis with a European 20th at 1pm eastern and an American 20th at 9 pm Eastern (or later if needed for West Coast) and just invite everyone to participate when they can? I know we all want to hear from Ilkka and…
  • Before we post a meeting announcement on Facebook, particularly on dividing times for the 20th , lets get some thoughts. jbaker would it help you for us to do 20th as late as 9 or 10 eastern? And what about timing for the Saturday book meeting?
  • Thanks for the update Jason and I presumed as much. Good luck with everything and stay in touch as you can!
  • Hi Julie, you may be right! Let's see when the time comes which one people want to discuss, but if you've outlined Chapter 3 that is fine with me to discuss that. Can you post the google doc link to the meeting announcement on Facebook, and here in this thread?
  • I agree with that suggestion! And we'll want to talk about a preferred date and time too. Presumably another Saturday.