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  • I also work from home and can make it any time that I don't have a meeting or any other prior commitment, so I'll defer to everyone else's preferences. I would have made it on Tuesday, but I ended up having to take my dog to the vet. She's doing better now. I volunteer to do the outline for ch. 3 - which I assume we will cover in April.
  • I have 2 dogs - both mutts. The one that is sick is a small (40 lb) black and brown dog - coloring of a Rottweiler, but she's about the size and shape of a Jack Russell. My other dog is about 80 lbs and he looks like a small white and brown St Bernard. He's part Great Pyrenees, which is what you have correct?
  • Hi All. I finished the outline of chapter 3, but I don't recall discussing chapter 2 yet. Did we discuss chapter 2? Where do you want me to put my outline? Right now it is in google docs. Thanks, Julie
  •…zY6IGj8osPK6yw_hPKy8/edit Does this work?
  • Hey all, In our discussion yesterday, Martin expressed an opinion that I agree with and that is that the early chapters of DeWitt have less meat in them than the later chapters because the early chapters are about history. It seems to me that the meat would start at about chapter VII. Any appetite to skip ahead for our online discussions?