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  • Hiram I think that is excellent. Only two small notes: (Quote from Hiram) Probably some people will react against this and think more of Democritus. Since I think the rest of the essay is so good I wouldn't want to see it downrated due to accusation that you are exaggerating Epicurus' role in atomism. (Quote from Hiram) You presumably had a reason not to use "pleasure / pain faculty," but just in case it wasn't a strong reason some might be questioning why you used aversion rather than pain, and…
  • I was faster and obviously my speed caused me to read negligently! Your comments are all good Martin, with the possible exception of the "tithe" question because I believe that is spelled correctly, right Hiram? How would you phrase or spell that "giving of a tenth of income to the church" in German, Martin?
  • That's interesting -- Perhaps it is some kind of old English then. It's probably not so common among younger people in the USA anymore, but it's certainly a word with which those of us who are middle aged or older had drummed into us when we were younger.
  • I think i will set up a special forum for working on Drafts, and move this thread there, so it won't indicate that there is a finished essay here.