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  • (Quote from Kalosyni) I was going to ask Cassius the same question.
  • (Quote from JJElbert) LOL!!! That makes sense now!
  • (Quote from Cassius) Let's stick with "it's a typo" for now
  • I agree that that's the general tone of Wilson's book. For someone who's never heard of Epicureanism, maybe it could be an entry point for further exploration? From my perspective, that's why it's important. It's really the first book to get some popular press coverage for Epicureanism after the glut of Stoicism books for so long.
  • (Quote from Cassius) Yes, Joshua , that was excellent!!!
  • Personally, I'm more inclined to believe that any perceived similarities between Buddhism and Epicureanism are due to convergent evolution rather than direct contact. What works, works, regardless of the geography or time period.
  • (Quote from Godfrey)…apter=11&highlight=pyrrho In debate he was looked down upon by no one, for he could both discourse at length and also sustain a cross-examination, so that even Nausiphanes when a young man was captivated by him : at all events he used to say that we should follow Pyrrho in disposition but himself in doctrine ; and he would often remark that Epicurus, greatly admiring Pyrrho's way of life, regularly asked him for information about Pyrrho ; and t…
  • (Quote from Cleveland Okie) I'd also add this recommendation: