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  • This topic (technology platforms) may need a separate forum, but for now here is this: Today marks Increasing censorship of discussion of religion at Twitter; Facebook won't be far behind. The examples listed here are not the kind of language "we" normally use, but it's only a thin line that probably won't hold for very long. I've never gotten much into using Twitter for outreach, but I am exploring alternate platforms, probably those based on the fediverse / mastodon technology. https://blog.t…
  • So we can continue to expect Twitter and Facebook to allow the "global community" to have veto power over what we can discuss -- pasted-from-clipboard.png
  • Today I see this post, from an inoffensive low-carb diet podcaster whose work I have followed for years. Apparently his channel was just deleted from youtube. This is a lesson for us to keep numerous backups and never rely on the big tech players to protect us.pasted-from-clipboard.png