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  • Miris Alexandria, A.D. 340. AUDIO Miris - Cavafy.mp3 by C. P. Cavafy. (Note: Not familiar with Cavafy? Check out his famous "Ithaca" as read by Sean Connery with music by Vangelis) When I heard the terrible news, that Miris was dead, I went to his house, although I avoid going to the houses of Christians, especially during times of mourning or festivity. I stood in the corridor. I didn't want to go further inside because I noticed that the relatives of the deceased looked at me with obvious surp…
  • Elli's return to posting reminded me of this music video, and I couldn't think at first of a good place to post it -- well how about right here next to Elli's reading of Miris!
  • Glad you liked it Don - I am sure elli will be glad to hear that! I have now fixed the first post so it should now appear with an embedded mp3 player to make it easier to listen.