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  • hi all, I'd like to start a thread for discussion and organizing the DeWitt book discussions. Our first discussion was a week or so ago and it was great. We covered Chapter 1. Our next session is 1/31/2018 at 3:00-5pm central and we'll discuss chapter 2. We'll give some time at the beginning of the session to catch up on Chapter 1 and finish out any topics related thereto prior to moving on to Chapter 2. For session 2, I'll provide a rough outline of the text prior to the session so all can fol…
  • Hey All Sorry for my absence. Many things happening all at once at work. I think weekends are probably best overall. I thought the chat we did on a Saturday was convenient. However I’ll do my best to make it whenever it is. Looking forward to chapt 3. Brett
  • I know the 17th I’m canping so won’t be able to attend. 24th works for me.Julie might appreciate the extra time to do the outline.
  • Agreed. Best of luck Jason. Sending you good thoughts. I'm game for the 24th if that's acceptable to Julie. And the 20th I'm good for attending as well. Brett