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  •…us-epistle-to-timocrates/ Timocrates of Lampsachus was both the brother of Metrodorus (one of the founders of Epicureanism), as well as an apostate of the first Epicurean community–although not a lethal enemy like the archetypal Judas. Because of their ties of blood, Timocrates was quoted as saying “that he both loved his brother as no one else did and hated him as no one else.” Their differences were made public in epistles that they addressed to each other, whic…
  • I assume you mean this? (Quote)The Wikipedia article on Timocrates, cites this as the source: ^ Philodemus, On Frank Criticism, from Fitzgerald, J., Obbink, D., Holland, G., Philodemus and the New Testament World, page 64. BRILL.