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  • NB: I notice a linguistic connection between the ancient Greek word 'hedone' and the Hebrew word from which we derive 'Eden'. It seems that 'Eden' can be translated as 'Delight' and 'Pleasure'. (The Hebrew language provides different vocabulary to denote 'holiness', 'righteousness', or 'sanctity'). An Aramaic root indicates that which is "fruitful, plentiful," or that which is "well-watered", thus, linking the idea of 'that which is pleasant' to 'healthy, living beings'. Prior to their adoption…
  • (1) Dewitt's book talks about this connection, especially in connection with the Sadducees and the view that there is no afterlife. See attached graphic. (2) This is focused on the christian texts rather than the jewish, but Thomas Jefferson's friend Thomas Cooper argued at length that materialism was the true premise of biblical theology https://thomascoopermd.wordpre…-doctrine-of-materialism/ pasted-from-clipboard.png