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  • I just received my five-year "congratulations" email from Universal Life Church, which gives ordinations to just about everybody online. It occurred to me that this is one way in which Epicurean Philosophy could assert itself in the mainstream and become part of everyday discussions. It's generally seen as a stamp of societal legitimacy when a movement provides chaplains and celebrants for rites of passage like baby namings, funerals, and weddings--as we've …
  • This reminds me of the use of the word kath-hegemones by ancient Epicureans, which DeWitt translates as leaders or guides. I like the term guide rather than any of the terms used today (priest, minister, rabbi, even chaplain); its more personal and friendly, less bureaucratic. And “familiar guide” is the term also used by Wright in A Few Days in Athens in her “pedantry of Aristotle” paragraph.
  • If we wish to assert legitimacy and stick to tradition, we should use kath-hegemones and use leaders, guides, which seems to be the best translation. However, in marketing or promoting the role, it can be explained as "an Epicurean life coach", "Epicurean mentor", or we may appeal to other trendy terms while sticking to the traditional role that existed in EP. The founders of EP were adamant that people stick to the original, intended, unmediated meaning of words, and they would not have chosen…
  • Along the lines of this discussion, This reminds me of Luis Granados comparison in his “Happy Twentieth” essay of the Twentieth as a more intimate, personal alternative to the Sunday Assemblies.…their-sales-pitch/594109/