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  • Can Someone Who Is Familiar With The Ancient Greek Calendar Help Us Translate Epicurus' Birthday Into the Correct Day To Observe in 2020? Here is the information from Gassendi's Life of Epicurus - Chap 2. The Time of His Birth: Epicurus was born (as Laertius relates out of the Chronology of Apollodorus) in the 3rd year of the 109th Olympiad, the 7th day of the month Gamelion; at whose birth, [30] Pliny saith, the Moon was twenty daies old. Hecatombeon (the first month) this year falling in the S…
  • Wow that's great. Eugenios did you arrive at the same result as the info in the first post for this year?
  • So this calendar calculated the 7th of Gamelion in 2020 as being on January 31 while Takis / Elli calculated January 2nd and 3rd? Sounds like someone has a problem..... I agree that the 20th of each month in our modern calendar makes the most sense today.
  • I will email Takis and ask him about this.
  • Bizarre! Facebook will not let me message a link to that calendar site!
  • Sounds like perhaps for practical purposes the 20th of January each year might serve as a reasonable approximation, if someone were looking for a stable date.