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  • Congratulations indeed! DELIGHT of Humane kind, and Gods above, Parent of Rome; Propitious Queen of Love, Whose vital pow’r, Air, Earth, and Sea supplies, And breeds what e’r is born beneath the rowling Skies: For every kind, by thy prolifique might, Springs, and beholds the Regions of the light. -Lucretius, tr. John Dryden
  • Kind of forgot I started writing this... __________________ Echoes of Monadnock A fresh wind rises in the west And springs on hills and valleys dressed In green and gold with flowers blest, But through your eyes I see it best– Monadnock In early summer, when you've grown We'll clamber up the ancient stone And make a little spot our own And gaze out from a starlit throne Monadnock And as the years and seasons turn We'll wander back o'er moss and fern By little streams that fall and churn And hear…