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  • Over the last month I have spent a considerable amount of time refining what I think is my most best summary of the fundamentals of Epicurean philosophy. For this 20th I’d like to recap where I am on that, with this list of five major points, each one broken down into five subpoints. I hope you find this helpful: There Are No Supernatural Gods Gods Are Never Observed to Create Something From Nothing Or Destroy Anything to Nothing The Universe Operates Through Natural Processes Based On Combinat…
  • I think that (the importance of thinking about eternity) is why the letter to Pythocles includes "And most of all give yourself up to the study of the beginnings and of infinity and of the things akin to them, and also of the criteria of truth and of the feelings, and of the purpose." Kind of like with the issue of fate it may be more important to have a view on this that assists your living happily, even if wrong, than to have a view that boxes you into despair.