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  • Under the Physics heading I started a thread with a link to Hesiod’s Theogony. I thought it might be fun to explore the myths that make up the old Hellenic religion and how they relate to other Near Eastern Myths. As much as I love philosophy, I also love the myths and how they are historically significant in shaping culture and religion. This can dovetail into why perhaps Epicurus viewed the gods the way he did.
  • In reference to Venus/Aphrodite, it’s interesting that certain goddesses across cultures became associated with erotic love. The best example of a goddess that epitomizes erotic love and fertility and even war is Inanna/Ishtar. She’s like a cross between Greek, Roman and Hindu equivalents. Both the goddess of erotic love and fertility and a hostile war goddess. The one thing I learned from Gilgamesh is to never reject a goddess’s advances. Or you’ll get the bull of heaven sent after you.😀