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  • I have been adapting Christian medieval chant and Renaissance polyphony into Epicurean music by changing the church latin into excerpts from Lucretius' DRN. My first attempt, an Epicurean devotional chant, (a rework of a Bingen chant) is done. I hope the recording is tolerable, it's just for demonstrating the music. I view taking music from Epicureanism's historical opponents as one way to strike blows for Epicurus - and we know that Christianity has taken much from Epicureanism as well (fratern…
  • Wow thank you so much, your comprehensive response was incredibly useful! I think I will change it to Lumen Inlustrans, so that I am using Lucretius' own words and to cut from 3 words to 2.
  • A self-described Stoic apprentice (but with Epicurean sympathies) and audio designer from France saw my chant video in the Stoic/Epicurean/Buddhist group and offered to mix and master the audio for me. This new version is the result!