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  •…eus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0009 Ad Familia 15.16 Scr. Romae ante mcd. m. Ian. a. 709 (45). M. CICERO S. D. C. CASSIO puto te iam suppudere, quem haec tertia iam epistula ante oppressit quam tu scidam aut litteram. sed non urgeo ; longiores enim exspectabo vel potius exigam. ego si semper haberem cui darem, vel ternas in hora darem ; is fit enim nescio qui ut quasi coram adesse videare cum scribo aliquid ad te, neque id κατ᾽ εἰδώλων φαντασίας, ut dicunt tui amici novi, q…
  • (Quote) Yes I thought the definition of that word was interesting too. Can you expand on your comment for the Christian heresy?
  • Comment by Elli: "Δύναμη" [dyname] is the Greek word for the english words as force, vigor, power, and strength. Νature is dynamic and not static. And as the ES 37 says : Nature is weak toward evil, not toward good: because it is saved by pleasures, but destroyed by pains. Our natural condition is strengthened and enhanced by the enjoyment of pleasures past, present and expectation of the future ones.