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  • Let's use this thread to talk about Coronavirus in our Epicurean community - what we see and what we are thinking. It comes to mind to ask this of Michele Pinto first since he is in a hotbed of it, but there are others too. Everyone feel free to comment here: michelepinto how are you and things in Italy? We are hearing many bad reports. Are you OK personally? What can you tell us? shahabgh66 how are you and things in Iran?
  • Good to hear you are OK Michele. Depending on what you read one might think that that Italy was filled with dead bodies on every street. I hope things stay OK with you and you'll keep us posted.
  • Bouncing off Joshua's comments as to the status in the USA, do I get the feeling that the panic index has actually subsided a bit since yesterday? I heard that the college kids would not let anything get in the way between them and spring break, so we'll soon see how much that contributes to the spread.
  • I am just now reading that article by Nail. If this opening sentence is any reflection of the rest, I will have a lot more negative to say: "A first-century B.C. Roman poet and philosopher, Lucretius was worried that our fear of death could lead to irrational beliefs and actions that could harm society." WHAT? Could lead to beliefs and actions that could harm SOCIETY??? Edit: More commentary "Lucretius was a materialist who did not believe in gods or souls. He thought that all of nature was mad…
  • You are surely right about the fact that this is historic! We'll have a lot to talk about in coming days so stay in touch!
  • I guess everyone is seeing maps like this but this appears to be the best I have seen:
  • I didn't ask this question directly previously, but if anyone in the group actually contracts Covid-19 themselves, please let us know and keep us posted on how you are doing!