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  • Thanks for your welcome. I am not sure how this Forum works exactly, but I have just commented on Elayne's On Pain, Pleasure, and Happiness as my initial post and introducing myself. Will that post show up in this Forum? Feel free to move that post to the most suitable place. Thanks -- Jon M ADMIN NOTE: Jon's detailed comment on Elayne's post is at the following link: Discussion of Article: "On Pleasure, Pain and Happiness" For continued welcoming of Jon in general, please post below!
  • I found the article here, on Epicurean Friends. I linked to it from the New Epicurean site. I did not know you had a third site Epicurus Magazine. I am sure the three sites have different functions (do you have any more?), but I find it a bit confusing, having to flick from one to the other. I am sure I will find my way around in time. Thanks for all you do - great site (or sites, all three of them). As I said in my main post, it is wonderful to have such high-quality writing and insightful ide…
  • Thanks Cassius for your explanation. Thanks Martin for the welcome, and thanks Don for liking my post on Elayne's article. -- Jon
  • Hi Cassius Thanks for your kind words. I click around a lot, and I have forgotten what exactly I was researching, but I found your site through a Google search, as you say. I had just finished Catherine Wilson's latest book How To Be An Epicurean: The Ancient Art Of Living Well and from memory I was researching one of her many claims which seemed to me dodgy (I have forgotten precisely what). I didn't like the book particularly. It was her own interpretation, which is fair enough - it was her b…
  • I agree with you. I wasn't suggesting she doesn't know her stuff, she clearly does. I was only saying the book was not for me. I certainly give her credit. There are many folk who would both like her book and find it helpful. I am just not one of them. Six months ago there was an interview with her in Scientific American where she sums up her thinking. -- Jon