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  • This just came out today…toics-try-being-epicurean Her publisher must have lots of media influence and capital. Aeon is very selective about who can write for them.
  • (Quote from Cassius)You should pitch your own articles to publications like Partially Examined Life, etc. if you really want your own views and interpretations to be available.
  • (Quote from Cassius)I think it's great that there's an open, wide market (agora?) of ideas out there and that people are openly disagreeing with us. That's not a reason not to engage people. I WANT to hear their disagreements. I've written for Partially Examined Life. I wrote a chapter for "How to Live a Good Life", together with 14 other people whose views are all at odds with mine. I've never experienced this exposure as scary in any way whatsoever, on the contrary. Philodemus, if you read mo…
  • Late but finally here, my review of HtbE…rean-by-catherine-wilson/