Epicurean Shield

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  • What about the Φ for Pleasure or the Φ for for Epicurus? ;)

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    • I've considered using the ΕΠ of ΕΠΙΚΟΥΡΟΣ as the starting point for some sort of logo.

      The simple letters have a nice geometry to them:


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    • I've also thought of ΕΦ of ΕΠΙΚΟΥΡΕΙΟΣ ΦIΛOΣOΦΙΑ (which looks like either the starship Enterprise or a Klingon warbird). :P


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  • Speaking of symbols, were you part of this thread? ⟐ as the symbol of the philosophy of Epicurus

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  • Ah! Φ for Φιλοσοφία "Philosophy"! Φ for Φύσις Physis "Nature" ! Φ for Φίλια "Friendship"!

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