Epicurean Philosophy Zoom Gathering - Wednesday 8:30 PM Eastern Time

About this event

Come join us and expand your circle of friends with those who are also interested in the philosophy of Epicurus!

This will be an hour long opportunity to meet new friends who share an interest in studying and applying Epicurean principles to real life. Every week we will focus on discussing one or more of the Epicurean Principle Doctrines, and when we finish with those we will proceed with the Vatican Sayings.

This is an ongoing Zoom-based online "live" discussion group meeting every Wednesday evenings, and this is your invitation to participate. The group is being sponsored by several regular participants of both the Epicurean Philosophy Facebook Group and the EpicureanFriends.com forum.

Some of those who will be joining will be using the full video call features of Zoom, and others will be using voice only, so the use of video is optional.

Attendance is free and is available to all who consider themselves to be supportive of Epicurean philosophy. The registration section below explains the process.

Ground Rules

- Our objective is to provide friendly and encouraging discussion among friends and new attendees who are generally supportive of the philosophy of Epicurus. This is not a professional academic philosophy group for debate of philosophies or viewpoints that are not consistent with Epicurean philosophy. We also have a "no-politics" rule, so please do not bring up modern political issues of any kind. We are also unable to address clinical depression or emotional disorders. Our participants are not experts in any field, and all conversations are understood to be friendly and informal exchanges of opinions.

- We expect participants to conduct themselves in a friendly manner. Participation does not express or imply that you agree with every tenet of Epicurean philosophy, but the purpose of the group is to study and discuss Epicurean philosophy. Please do not attempt to use the group for the promotion of religious, political, or philosophical viewpoints that are not consistent with Epicurean philosophy. Those who fail to follow this rule and violate it repeatedly will lose participation privileges.

- Communications in the group are confidential and are not to be recorded or repeated outside the group. The group is based in the United States and will not allow or promote any conduct that is illegal under the laws of the United States. We cannot guarantee the privacy of any communications, but to the extent that we determine that conversations have been recorded or re-posted outside the group, or the privacy of any participant has been invaded, violators will lose future participation privileges.


Registration is Required -- Only those who register beforehand will be provided the Zoom meeting link.


-Non-member forum readers -- You are welcome to join, but must register through Eventbrite. Ticket registration will end 15 minutes before the starting time of the meeting to allow for time needed to email the link. Click here to go to the Eventbrite page.

--Forum members: If you have not previously attended, please message Kalosyni, or post your request to join in the corresponding weekly announcement. You will then be added to the outgoing Zoom link private message, which will be sent out 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.


We will automatically message or email you the Zoom link 30 minutes before the meeting start time.


We plan to limit each meeting to about an hour, and we will focus on general discussion. Detailed expositions of philosophical points are best expanded in writing on the forum. Formats may change over time, but each week we will follow essentially this pattern:

(1) Welcome: We'll go "around the table" and give an opportunity for each participant to introduce themselves as they wish, describe their background in Epicurus, and suggest any topics for later discussion that may be on their minds.

(2) Focus for the Week: Each week we will discuss one or more of the Principal Doctrines (and when we finish those, proceed to the Vatican List of Sayings). We will have someone read the saying followed by commentary from our regulars to set the stage for further discussion. We'll then open the floor to comments by other participants (using the Zoom "raise hand" method of the chat box, as appropriate).

---- Here is a link to the Principle Doctrines: https://www.epicureanfriends.c….php?principal-doctrines/

(3) Closing Wrap-Up - The Program coordinators will thank those who have participated and make concluding comments about what has been discussed, what we can expect for the following week, and how people can communicate and coordinate their study of Epicurean philosophy in the meantime on the forum.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Zoom meeting!