Navigating the "Epicurean Activism" Forum

  • The Epicurean Activism Forum is to be used to provide information about live and only opportunities.

    The post that was formerly pinned here is now outdated, but I am preserving it below:

    I have renamed this forum "Outreach Planning" rather than limiting the reference to "Meetup Groups." Part of the reason for doing so is this:

    In looking to extend the knowledge of Epicurus to more people, it seems to me that it would be good to have an organized "path" or "sequence" that is appropriate to the person with whom we are dealing, For example:

    1) Sequence for a religious person. Perhaps this should be divided up as to general type of religion, with different emphasis for Catholics, Evangelicals, etc.

    2) Sequence for a secular humanist/atheist. Here the issue is that modern crusading atheists may reject supernatural gods, but they have otherwise accepted religious ethical principles without realizing that those have no foundation, so that a replacement is needed.

    3) Sequence for someone who is a confirmed adherent to another philosophical school. The classic example here is someone who has read extensively in Stoicism and likes some of what is there (particular if the Stoic is muddy like Marcus Aurelius) but who instinctively sees the flaws and doesn't know how to proceed.

    In each case it would be helpful to have a suggested reading list, and list of major points to make early in the discussion process. For example, it is possible that in dealing with a American of religious background, reference to something from Thomas Jefferson, or even Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason" (which is not Epicurean) would provide a foothold for extending the argument further.

    I think we already have some reading list discussions that can be linked here, but part of the point is that the same reading list won't be appropriate for everyone, and we can fine-tune the suggestions according to general categories.

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Outreach Planning” to “Navigating the "Epicurean Activism" Forum”.