DeWitt: "It Makes No Difference That Some Pleasures Are Static And Some Are Kinetic"

  • Look at fragment 113, also without wider context. Applied literally this one would be a prescription for living in a cave, and I would consider it significantly contradictory to other passages if it were not placed in context.

    ... Why would we ever strive or strain for anything, why would we ever sally out from any gate to meet any ill, if we were going to set a rule of never being occupied with much business, never tackling distasteful matters, or pushing ourselves to expand our capabilities?

    So I would say this one requires gentle handling due to the lack of context.

    This is echoed in Philodemus' On Property Management. Philodemus says "the philosopher DOES NOT TOIL", and also praises the practice of delegating tasks. So, obviously a manager of an estate is not living in a cave, but values his time and does not do menial labor, dedicating himself instead to more pleasant activities without losing his diligence and responsibilities.

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words