Twentieth of December 2022 - Zoom Gathering

  • Please join us for our December 20th meeting!

    We will have a meet and greet followed by open discussion.

    *Twentieth meetings are open to all Level 3 members. You can message Cassius or me to find out how you can become a Level 3 member. (I hope to soon create a thread explaining the process).

  • Here is a larger section from Lucretius from which I took the excerpt (which I placed in the above graphic):


    Direct your mind
    To a true system. Here is something new
    For ear and eye. Nothing is ever so easy
    But what, at first, it is difficult to trust.
    Nothing is great and marvelous, but what
    All men, a little at a time, begin
    To mitigate their sense of awe. Look up,
    Look up at the pure bright color of the sky,
    The wheeling stars, the moon, the shining sun!
    If all these, all of a sudden, should arise
    For the first time before our mortal sight,
    What could be called more wonderful, more beyond
    The heights to which aspiring mind might dare?
    Nothing, I think. And yet, a sight like this,
    Marvelous as it is, now draws no man
    To lift his gaze to heaven's bright areas.
    We are a jaded lot. But even so
    Don't be too shocked by something new, too scared
    To use your reasoning sense, to weigh and balance,
    So that if in the end a thing seems true,
    You welcome it with open arms; if false,
    You do your very best to strike it down.
    The sum of space is infinite, reaching far
    Beyond the ramparts of the world; the mind
    Persists in questioning: what can be there?
    What is there so far off, toward which the urge
    Of the free spirit flies?