Best Wishes To Nate And Joshua As They Go Through Hurricane Ian

  • I understand that Joshua is doing pretty well during this storm (Ian) and is thinking he may miss the worst of it, but let's also hope that Nate comes through it OK as well!

    I see Nate posted a new meme within the last 24 hours so hopefully he was and is prepared!

  • I'm on the East Coast, so it shouldn't be too bad.

    They are predicting the exact center of the storm to march through my neighborhood during the night, so we may just awaken to world without power. We'll probably just get a lot of rain and downed trees.

    Hopefully none of them decide to fall on our vehicle.

  • But a tree limb did smash our neighbor's vehicle!

    And our garage flooded. We were lucky. Most other communities in the area are still underwater.

    We just got the power back, so, here I am! :thumbup: