Enjoyment of Beauty and Springtime

  • It's still wintry where we live: no new leaves or buds yet. But we have crossed the threshold of the vernal equinox, so "The Darktime Cord Has Slipped Its Knot" --

    The darktime cord has slipped its knot -- the days
    are lengthening again. And though the trees
    still are bare of all but the crispest leaves,
    there is promise promised in just the hours
    that keep the light -- and gather moments more
    each day, like pages added to a book.

    But I neither mind the winter, nor mourn
    the night. Ricks of wood, split and stacked in fall,
    extend the hours we need not hibernate.
    Apples we harvested at summer's end
    and dried, homebrewed wine bottled months ago,
    novels we recall we wanted to read --

    and time to share ourselves: these keep us well
    through shrinking days -- and days that start to swell.


    A quasi-sonnet, written when we were living the simple country life.

  • Soaking up every moment of "traditional" Spring weather I can, because it turns into Summer real fast down here!

    I've had some highs and lows I'd love to write about here soon, but for now I hope everyone is doing well!