LOL! When did Cassius open a hotel!

  • Great name, though I am not at all qualified in any culinary arts at all. I am still trying to master how to peel a boiled egg!

    Sure would be a great location for a meeting though -- IF we could afford it.

  • There was a guy in Austria who reopened one of the biggest belle epoque hotels in the world in the 1980s. He had a personal connection to Epicurean philosophy and set up a yearly award for a person living the best of an Epicurean life (according to his personal interpretation). After a few years the hotel had to close again due to financial issues, but he went more spiritual and started publishing two or three volumes, now stating a more frugal version of Epicureanism than in the luxury palace. Reminds me to revisit one of his books I own (though I remember them being spiced with esotericism).

  • That hotel in Atlanta that Don pointed out is $300 per night, and I have to say that the rooms look rather spartan for that price. Also I am not excited by the big city skyscraper ambiance. I prefer the country, nature, or the ocean. But this idea sort of gets the gears turning, as for thinking about how we might have an EpicureanFriends symposium gathering sometime in the future.