A Special Night in Iowa

  • This is an old one, but I just had to repost it! The Yankees and the White Sox are playing the first ever Major League Baseball game in my home state tonight, at the Field of Dreams. I don't follow sports but I'm watching the game with the family (a rarity in itself), and it's difficult not to feel nostalgic for home.


    Iowa Fields

    to Epicurus

    I saw Ilium gleam

    As her walls, in a dream,

    Watched her sons return home on their shields--

    Saw the marching Greek host

    In the corn, and the coast

    Of Asia in

    Iowa fields.

    The philosophers spoke

    In the shade of the oak

    As the willows and cottonwoods reeled

    In an October gale

    Blowing hearty and hale,

    Pages flipping in

    Iowa fields

    And I wrote out your name

    On the face of the stream,

    Writ in water but never repealed--

    Made your garden to bloom

    Like the yucca, festooned;

    Flowering lonely in

    Iowa fields.

    And your precepts I pressed

    Like a stamp to my chest--

    And a ring on my finger revealed

    Where your likeness was cast

    And a voice from the past

    Rose up godlike in

    Iowa fields.

    I hoped to see thee again

    By the feld or the fen

    When the bells of the Twentieth pealed.

    But--alas! lies my ring

    At the end of all things

    In a grave beneath

    Iowa fields.