Condolences to Elayne On The Loss of Her Father

  • Elayne is one of our most valued members here, and at risk of making this more public than she would prefer I want to let our regular participants know that her father passed away today. We have heard Elayne mention her father and his physics background often on the Lucretius podcast. If Elayne wants me to move this to a private location she can let me know and of course I will do that, but times like these are important for us all to think about and be of assistance to each other as we can, so I am posting this so all of our regulars can see it at least for now.

    Elayne has recently started her own blog in which she will be pursuing her thoughts on philosophy and many other things (while remaining here as well I am told!) and she recently posted about her father here.

    It would not be surprising if Elayne is away from posting for a while, as she will be away from the Lucretius podcast at least for tomorrow.

    My deepest condolences go out to Elayne at this time, and of course if there is anything that I or anyone else here can do for here I trust she will let us know.

    Edit: I am going to take another risk and repost what Elayne posted on her public Facebook page: