Accident and Treatment

  • I was reminded to set up this sub-forum by a little accident we had this past weekend. I was concerned that this little kitten had been incinerated in my car's engine on Sunday, but yesterday I found him and that he had escaped with just some significant damage to a front leg. He's feral but accepted the treatment well enough. In a future post I will post pictures of my #1 pet, a Great Pyrenees.

  • Poor little guy! There was a raccoon that got caught in the fan of one of the trucks where I trained for my CDL. Shattered the fan blade, and did far worse than that to the poor beast.

    My last pet was a family dog we had to put down when I was in College. Since she slept in my bed, she was generally thought of as 'my' dog. Sweetest thing on Earth (unless you were a UPS man...).