Digby's "Epicurus' Morals"

  • A friend today pointed me to this link to find an old book:


    Does anyone have "partner access" (perhaps through a university library) where they could download the full PDF and provide me access to a copy. The book is of course long out of copyright, but the site only allows one to read it, or download it page by page, and I would like to get a local copy for bookmarking important sections.

    Interestingly I see this title page refernces St. Evremont -- would that be friend of Ninon De L'Enclos?

  • I was just compiling it for you Cassius, why is there only a 1mb limit for uploads on here? It had the effect of making me download the book 25-35 pages at a time to meet the limit. Anyway, Google, as usual, saved the day. 8o

    Joy to the World!