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  • I'm responding to Elli's graphic posted in the graphics area but not posted here yet. Not sure if this is the intent of this thread; maybe this belongs elsewhere....

    The translation in the graphic has the word "favor" where some translations use "gratitude" and others use "partiality". Personally, I prefer the use of favor or partiality to gratitude: it seems to me that a blessed being would feel gratitude.

    Can anyone comment as to 1) the correctness of the various translations of this word, and 2) the differences that they may have in understanding the doctrine?

  • elli says:

    Epicurus used the word "Xάρισι" and "χάρη", and this word is given in english with the word "favor". For "gratitude in greek is "ευγνωμοσύνη". Αnd for gratitude there is a need of a feeling. E.g. someone makes you a favor and you feel pleased and grateful to return it back someday. That being does not feel neither anger nor gratitude. Because it does not take and not give to inferior beings like us. And why we are inferior? Because we still make wars by our fears and greed, and as we do not do anything to change all these, we say : our goal is "the absence of pain".

  • This is quite helpful. I've been thinking of gratitude more along the lines of a pleasurable practice (a la the contemporary gratitude practice), which in my mind does not cause trouble to self or other. Favor and indebtedness are entirely different and make much more sense in the context of the doctrine.

    Thanks Cassius and Elli!