Epicurean Music - Heavy Metal

  • I am looking forward to the suggestions in this category! I know what I think of as "Heavy Metal" but I am so stale on listening that I don't know where to begin on possible Epicurean friendly or Epicurean themed works.

  • Judas Priest: Heavy Metal

    The song celebrates the raw pleasure of this kind of music, both for the band and the audience. What is missing from an Epicurean perspective is weighing of pleasure vs. pain but that would probably make the song lame and can be left to the audience. E.g., I enjoy this music without banging my head, pumping a fist or cranking up the volume such that the neighbor gets disturbed.

    Even at the Judas Priest concert, I sat on a seat most of the time and enjoyed the great show, which started fulminant with Rob Halford driving onto the stage on a huge motorbike and the music taking over seamlessly from the roaring of the engine, one of the most pleasurable intros I experienced in a concert.

  • I've never understood a single word of one of these songs but but with the lyrics it's easy!

  • This isn't heavy metal but it's a rock band's cover of It's a Sin by Pet Shop Boys

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words

  • Okay when the post in the Heavy Metal list starts off "This isn't heavy metal but...." that's a bad sign! ;-) Martin you appear to be the expert on heavy metal - is this the proper category, or should we move this to another category? We ought to keep these threads going permanently so if we need another category we can create it. With a quick listen by me I find it indistinguishable from Heavy Metal, and the graphic seems to qualify too. Or maybe because the words are fairly intelligible that means it's NOT heavy metal?

  • The cover is similar to typical themes on covers of heavy metal albums, and the repertoire of a number of bands makes for a smooth transition between mainstream rock music and HM. So, I am OK to keep the post here. I did not yet find anything Epicurean in my favorite HM songs but I keep digging for something more distinct from mainstream rock than Judas Priest.

    (I like songs from almost all genres, whereby HM and electronic music have a higher percentage of songs which I like particularly than most others. I can listen to the Pet Shop Boys with pleasure, too, but not enough that I would add them to my personal collection.)