Epicurean music

  • Ok I get lost pretty easily in here. Where are the Music categories going? Under “general discussion” or is there another major heading? I can only find your Soundtack post under “latest thread.”

  • Yes LD I doubt we need a subforum for each category, probably a single thread will do, and perhaps I can PIN each one? So yes just start a thread in the same level under this same subforum. I can create subforums later if you think that would be better(?)

  • I will pin them to the top of the list as we create them LD. If you think at any point we ought to create subforums instead of asking for posts in the thread, I can do that too. I am beginning to lean that way now, but it's easy to do at any point.

  • Martin please do add it if you haven't already done so. I would have estimated the chances that you would have suggested that at about a billion to one - but that just reminds me how often my preconceived notions of Germans is correct - of which my German wife reminds me every chance she gets ;-)

  • Matt I wonder if there is anything smart we should try to do to build a playlist at Youtube along with the work we're doing in each category thread. Will it work just as well to wait til each thread matures and then create a playlist then? Or is there some better way? Not sure if you are better at youtube than I am but I've never really played with their advanced features.

  • I think we could probably let all these playlists mature here. See if others want to contribute. If a time comes that we have a bunch of songs or albums here in the thread, we could just place them all in a YouTube channel.