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  • As per recent posts, I have begun initial setup of I am linking here to a model clip, of which I plan to prepare many and add into a rotation on the radio stream along with programs of other types which will take much more time to develop. For now, I wanted to post again to talk about the concept and get those of you who might be interested thinking about how you might contribute. I have plenty of computer-read material that can be added in, but what we want is real human voices, and like most people, I prefer listening to other people talk rather than myself. Don't worry about accents; that's one of the most interesting parts of listening to other people from around the world express their interest in Epicurean philosophy.

    Even in this on-demand internet world the "radio" format has not disappeared. One reason is that people often find themselves in situations where they would prefer to listen to something they haven't selected themselves, which gives a feeling of personal connection that just is not present in playing clips in your local music player. A "radio station" (actually a streaming audio website) dedicated to Epicurean philosophy can serve that role for those who are looking to listen and learn something new to them, and provide a personal connection to real people who are thinking about the same subjects they are interested in themselves.

    It is going to take a long time and a lot of work to develop a rotation of programs that are desirable. As Elli outlined in her recent post of 11/7/18, we should aim for a radio playlist that includes at least the following:

    I have registered the domain, and it is now operational with a very small rotating playlist of material. What we need is more material.

    I would like to invite all readers of this post consider preparing a recording of any Epicurean core textual material, for example what I have done today and am linking here: a six minute excerpt from the Letter to Herodotus. Please plan to refer to Elli's list of possible material for ideas. It would probably be good idea to ask whether the material is appropriate before devoting a lot of time to it. Any text contained within the Diogenes Laertius Book 10 Biography of Epicurus, Lucretius, and Diogenes of Oinoanda, would automatically be appropriate. Likewise the Epicurean sections from Cicero's On Ends and On The Nature of The Gods would clearly be appropriate. No doubt there is much good material beyond that, but these are the prime sources, and that's how I prepared the following:

    If you are not practiced with recording on your computer, I suggest you consider the free program AUDACITY and record in MP3 format. That program makes it easy to edit what you record, and it is the program I will use to edit the recording and make it ready for adding to the rotation.

    Please feel free to post questions or suggestions. If you are willing to participate, we will need to have the understanding that you have given permission to use that material on without restriction. Over time we will want to polish these tracks with openings and closings, perhaps adding a musical overlay, etc.,

    For the present I suggest that the best format for recording short clips is this (note that in my sample I did not include an ending, but I will fix that later):

    Hello, this is __(FirstName)___ from ____(Country)___ and here is a selection from ___(Name of Source) ________ as translated by ______(Name of Translator)_____:

    Then read the selection.

    Then at the end :

    "...... This has been a selection from ___(Name of Source) ________ as translated by ______(Name of Translator)____ as read by __(FirstName)___ from ____(Country)___"

    Thank you for any submitted recordings, and I will appreciate all suggestions!

    For anyone interested, I think currently the best method of sending in recorded clips would just be to attach them as a file in a private message, if you don't want to register a free account at Soundcloud and upload it there. I don't think that a "post" here allows attaching a file without it being a link to a service like Soundcloud.

  • i am bumping this thread because we are about to start a series going through Lucretius, and I hope to end up making podcasts of parts of that discussion, each of which would lead off with a reading of the section being discussed. If you are interested in recording selections from Lucretius please let me know as at the very least we could make them available for download and also at them to the rotation at

    Probably starting the online discussions of Lucretius no later than a month from now.

  • I could probably record some sections, I'm familiar enough with Audacity and I love to fidget with audio.

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  • I hope you will. I was driving quite a while yesterday and realizing that it would be very helpful to be able to listen to different people read different versions of some of the important passages. I think the way Lucretius is written there are distinct sections that stand alone, so it's really not necessary to listen "start to finish" from Book 1 to Book 6. The various topics work well by themselves.