Free, complete PDF of Epicurus and His Philosophy

  • Hello all,

    I've been absent for quite some time while I was at sea, it makes me happy to see the community and resources still alive and well. In my absence, I've managed to work out a complete, multi-PDF "copy" of Mr. De Witt's Epicurus and His Philosophy.

    I would like to offer this to anyone with interest and to Epicureanfriends as a potential resource. I'm not sure if someone has already provided the text in this format, but I am happy to do so. While I would like to purchase a hard copy of the text eventually, I found simply having any sort of complete access to the text was invaluable. This entire text, along with countless other reference texts, is available to me through an institutional subscription. I was freely allowed to download the text by chapter, and I see no effect of the dissemination of the text besides the overall increase of understanding and happiness to other new and struggling students, like myself.

    Please, if anyone is interested, I am happy to share. I tried to include a chapter here as an example, but the file size is too large. I know I would not be eager to download a batch of files from a stranger (even a friend Epicurean), so I am open to suggestions on how to share the files in a way others are comfortable with. Thank you!

  • Hello Mako, good to hear from you! This sounds very interesting - let me send you a private message. Glad to have you back!