The UK / Count Dankula Verdict

  • [Posted originally at the Facebook Group - reference to "this group" refers to the Facebook Group]

    I note that over the years we have had here in this group - relatively speaking - a perhaps unexpectedly small degree of participation from the UK, and that those who do post here are frequent advocates of Stoicism. I have wondered what was happening to drain the blood from the land of my ancestors, but I must say now that I am outraged by today's suppression of freedom of speech in the "Count Dakula" matter. And as an Epicurean I do not consider that outrage in any way detracts from my ability to judge this matter wisely: ["[The wise man] will be more susceptible of emotion than other men: that will be no hindrance to his wisdom."]

    As to our Stoic acquaintances in the UK, I hope they come up with something more useful than indifference as a response to the winds of oppression that are now blowing strong. As to anyone else in the UK, Stoic or otherwise, who is so out of touch with their emotions that they do not feel outrage at this event, I suggest you should consider, among other things, (1) that there is no "next world" in which you will receive credit after death for your devotion to the idealism that all people and ideas are equally worthy of respect, (2) that there is no god who is going to come to your rescue to save you from other of "'god's children" who hate your way of life and rape and murder your children, and (3) that there is no standard to which you can appeal to know what is good or not good for you other than the pleasure that you used to feel in freedom, and the pain that you now feel on its loss. Or is the UK so warped and corrupted by false philosophies and ideas that you now feel pleasure in loss of freedom?

    Here is a video of someone (one of many, but apparently too few) who understands the problem. Is the mere linking of this video enough to ban this post in the UK? I am posting this on Facebook in connection with my earlier Twentieth post just in case any of the surveillance agencies have already failed to note that Cassius Amicus is no friend of the thought police, and that he thinks no Epicurean should be either.