2018 Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy - Athens Greece

  • Christos_Yapijakis just posted this on my timeline. Takis tells me the video will be streamed from the Symposium Facebook page.

    Everything is ready for the 8th Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy,

    Hopefully, my good friend, you will be able to watch the event live!

    This year, one of the major sessions will be:


    Epicurean psychotherapy with frank criticism

    Philodemus “On anger”

    Lack of freedom of the dependent person and the epicurean liberation of his mind

    Control of stress and Epicurean philosophy

    I will cover the first topic and the last topic will be covered by internationally reknown Prof. George Chrousos (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_P._Chrousos), who has discovered most of the neurobiological mechanisms of stress.

    The session and the Symposium was publicised by Greek media in health news (!):


    Please feel free to send this message to our Epicurean friends all over the world.

    Hopefully, in the future we will meet in an International Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy...

    Friendship dances around the globe! Be prudent and live happily!

  • Takis' idea to have a live Facebook streaming was brilliant, so that all our international friends have a chance to at least capture the feeling and flow of our 8th Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy. Despite the bad rainy weather about 450 people have attended this year (this is a new record)!

    We are filled with katastematic pleasure; physically exhausted but happy.

  • :thumbsup: Thank you my friend! The greeting as you know was the last thing I did before turning off the live connection after a very exciting first day...

  • I wish for the day we shall be together in an International Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy cherishing every second... I am telling you it's a great feeling when I see and embrace friends from other places of Greece, It must be even greater to be able to see you, Hiram or my Australian friend Geoff and be able to share the pleasure of philosophical discussions.

  • Christos my friend, with respect and with frankness of speech :)

    In this video I have noticed some remarkable things to comment to you: In your speeches either from you or the honorable doctor mr. Chrousos, I did not hear to mention something about our goal (i.e. our alpha and omega) that is pleasure; and as Nature has set for us. In the end, you did say that the goal of life of the Epicureans is to live in bliss (=eudaemonia) with Virtue and Justice. However, if we do not connect Bliss, Virtue and Justice with the pleasure (see Doctrine 5) are becoming abstract words without meaning; and the worse is that maybe lead the minds to that disgusting philosophy of the stoicism. Since, and the stoics speak about bliss or happiness, Virtue and Justice...

    Moreover, Mr. Chrousos repeats in the video that the goal of Philosophy and in extension the goal of the Epicurean is to find the truth. Yes, what is the methodology that we shall be based on for finding the truth ? Is the methodology of the Canon ?

    Finally, the honorable psychiatrist Mr. Panayiotis Georgakas speaks in the end about some katastematic "values"...does Mr. Georgakas mean the katastematic pleasures ?

    Anyway, I understand that your time was not enough to develop more of your thoughts concerning the Epicurean Philosophy. However the goal, and the methodology are the most important things to mention for our philosophy, just to offer in any public, what and where is the obvious ! Isn't it ?

    Thanks in advance for your attention

    My best regards with epicurean friendship ?


    Doctrine 5. It is not possible to live pleasantly without living prudently and honorably and justly, [nor again to live a life of prudence, honor, and Justice] without living pleasantly. And the man who does not possess the pleasant life, is not living prudently and honorably and justly, [and the man who does not possess the virtuous life], cannot possibly live pleasantly.

    Beauty and virtue and such are worthy of honor, if they bring pleasure; but if not then bid them farewell!