DeWitt Book Discussion Thread

  • hi all,

    I'd like to start a thread for discussion and organizing the DeWitt book discussions.

    Our first discussion was a week or so ago and it was great. We covered Chapter 1.

    Our next session is 1/31/2018 at 3:00-5pm central and we'll discuss chapter 2.

    We'll give some time at the beginning of the session to catch up on Chapter 1 and finish out any topics related thereto prior to moving on to Chapter 2.

    For session 2, I'll provide a rough outline of the text prior to the session so all can follow along. For Chapter/Session 3, I'd love to have a volunteer to outline and lead the conversation.



  • Thanks for setting this up Brett. This thread may start slow but over time it will be the prototype we refer back to for future discussion groups of the DeWitt book - which I think is by far the most important book we could possibly be going through.

  • Eric and others - I posted in the Facebook group that maybe we ought to set these meetings for a Saturday or Sunday to avoid peoples' work schedules, and to still allow Ilkka and Elli and any others in Europe to attend. Can I presume that both Saturday or Sunday is equally acceptable (at 5pm eastern) or is one better than the other?

  • As I work from home, weekends and weekdays are the same for me. So I will try to be available as I am able for any given meeting but the same busy-ness that can plague me on weekdays is the same. Also, I occasionally have family stuff on weekends. So the short answer is yes, Sat/Sun are fine with those caveats.

  • I also work from home and can make it any time that I don't have a meeting or any other prior commitment, so I'll defer to everyone else's preferences. I would have made it on Tuesday, but I ended up having to take my dog to the vet. :( She's doing better now. :)

    I volunteer to do the outline for ch. 3 - which I assume we will cover in April.

  • I have 2 dogs - both mutts. The one that is sick is a small (40 lb) black and brown dog - coloring of a Rottweiler, but she's about the size and shape of a Jack Russell. My other dog is about 80 lbs and he looks like a small white and brown St Bernard. He's part Great Pyrenees, which is what you have correct?

  • Yes I have a big 130 pound Great Pyrenees ;-)

    Maybe it won't be too off-topic to post this, and I will link it to my preferred understanding of the ultimate Epicurean: Physically and mentally strong enough to defeat all actual or potential enemies, worries about nothing, takes orders from no one, does exactly what he wants to do, and absolutely kind and gentle toward his friends! ;-)


  • Hey All

    Sorry for my absence. Many things happening all at once at work.

    I think weekends are probably best overall. I thought the chat we did on a Saturday was convenient. However I’ll do my best to make it whenever it is.

    Looking forward to chapt 3.


  • I know the 17th I’m canping so won’t be able to attend. 24th works for me.Julie might appreciate the extra time to do the outline.

  • 24th is better for me too, so let's target that.

    Thoughts on the 20th? Absent reasons otherwise I am somewhat inclined to do 20ths on the 20th :-). Maybe we now to reality and to hopes for the future by making it a more realistic time for everyone involved. Perhaps we do it on a rolling basis with a European 20th at 1pm eastern and an American 20th at 9 pm Eastern (or later if needed for West Coast) and just invite everyone to participate when they can? I know we all want to hear from Ilkka and Elli but maybe dividing it up is smarter. Thoughts?

  • Thanks for the ping Cassius but please don't make accommodation for me, I cannot be accommodated currently. My efforts and attention are directed toward my household right now. I have a couple of positive, but stressful life-changing events I am in the process of planning for and working through. At this early stage I cannot give an ETA for my return to full engagement or even if I'll be able to return to anywhere near my previous interaction with the social media portions of the Epicurean project. Once things get stable I'll have a better idea of what that looks like. In the meantime, I wish you all well and look forward to seeing these efforts flourish! Peace and safety, friends.

  • Agreed. Best of luck Jason. Sending you good thoughts.

    I'm game for the 24th if that's acceptable to Julie. And the 20th I'm good for attending as well.


  • Hi All. I finished the outline of chapter 3, but I don't recall discussing chapter 2 yet. Did we discuss chapter 2? Where do you want me to put my outline? Right now it is in google docs.



  • Hi Julie, you may be right! Let's see when the time comes which one people want to discuss, but if you've outlined Chapter 3 that is fine with me to discuss that. Can you post the google doc link to the meeting announcement on Facebook, and here in this thread?