Encouragement to Post Links to Music

  • Last year we put together a playlist of "Epicurean Music" which is now on the Society of Epicurus channel. But even more than links to existing music, it's great to hear original compositions from people such as EricR and Nate who are fans of Epicurus. It would really be great to hear more from people like this so if you are a fan of Epicurus with musical talent, please consider posting about your work here.

    In the meantime, here's Michael Nyman's well titled: "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" -

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  • This is a fine idea, Cassius. Thank you. This week I created a website specifically for my compositions at http://ericrmusic.com. I also joined Soundcloud so can embed from there. I notice the mp3 extension is not on the list of allowed extensions so am assuming uploading sound files is not possible?

  • Oh no! It certainly should be! Although a lot can be done with links to youtube and soundcloud etc, I will see if I can fix that and post back when checked. I will be checking your website too.

  • Eric I think it is now possible to upload mp3 to the FILEBASE, but perhaps not as a message attachment. Given the large size of media files it might be a good idea to post links here instead of trying to upload to this server, but if you run into something you want to do and find roadblock, just let me know.

  • EricR your music is WONDERFUL!!!! I'll make a point to make it a favorite website to visit often. thanks for sharing