Meeting on Discord for Epicurus' Birthday Tuesday Feb 23

  • I am planning on doing something to mark Epicurus' birthday even if we don't have a big crowd. I'll probably post something else on Facebook about another 5 pm get-together. That make sense?

  • It's possible we'll need to start using a USA-based time zone for some events so people can do things after work. We'll see who's available and make a last minute call. With Discordapp on smartphones it's pretty easy to check in from anywhere - we just need to work out the best system.

  • Posted At Facebook:

    Tomorrow is our best calculation for Epicurus' birthday this year. On the other hand, we don't have a good calculation for how old he would be. Let's try to get a good calculation with this as an inadequate start: 341 +2018 = 2359 (but probably we have to fine tune). This isn't a major formal meeting, but if you have time to drop by on discord tomorrow at 5 eastern some of us will be there. For those around the world for whom the time is inconvenient, just drop in when you can, and you can post messages here:…531266/405006975697682432