Voice Meeting Experience So far (1/21/18)

  • I think our first two voice/text meetings on DiscordApp.com have been very successful test runs. The software works well and the experience of talking to people live is well worth the effort to schedule and attend. Just as Ilkka mentioned, I think online meetings dovetail nicely with local "meetup" style organizations. I am going to post about this on my meetup page and try to get a couple of locals to attend online as part of us setting up a live local group.

    What do you people think is a good frequency of doing this? Is once every week too much? I am thinking that if we end up segmenting and using Discord for local groups as well as geneal meetings, we could even have several events scheduled per week for different purposes (local groups) and people who aren't part of that local group can at least listen in if they don't have a local group in their area.