Happy Twentieth art

  • Happy Twentieth all!

    My mother painted me a portrait of Epicurus for my birthday (I’d share but file is too big, so it is my profile image now). The background color is blue, but I may ask to change to a shade of green to represent more of a garden vibe, any thoughts on the color, if there is a color that may be more representative of Epicurus?


  • First, your mother painted it out of love so I would suggest not messing with the color.

    Two, it actually seems to have a swirling atoms and void vibe to the blue. I like it.

    Plus that color sets off nicely from the color used on Epicurus.

    Nice work!

  • I completely agree - I would not mess with the colors your mother chose.

    If you don't mind please see if you can't reduce the file size so we can all see it and circulate it. I am thinking that we have the maximum upload size set to 1MB so that should be plenty big enough, but if you have a problem let me know!

  • it's probably not a coincidence that it seems to me that the best "default" color for the forum here is blue too, although at times I do like green and other colors too.

    These two with blue backgrounds have always been some of my favorite pictures of Epicurus


    (at least I think the second one here is blue - I might be colorblind!)